Ryoko is an US based ceramic artist who grew up in Japan. Growing up in the city near a traditional pottery village gave her the opportunity to familiarize herself with clay at an early age.

Her current works are mainly inspired by animals, especially dogs and cats, often mixed with elements that are influenced by Japanese folktales and her favorite books from childhood.

"I enjoy working in details both three dimensional and colorful, choosing materials to aim at making sculptures that look like paintings or jewelry with contrast in different textures.

My work is a reflection of my sensitive feelings and comfort that I receive from animals, as well as stories that are about misunderstood or unnoticed characters. I remember reading those stories gave me some warm feelings as a child, because I knew that those characters were no longer unnoticed or misunderstood as I read their stories. I felt like I found secret friends.

I also love visually cute, beautiful or sparkly things, and would like to embrace the simple joy I receive from those qualities through my creations. My work aims to provide my audience with dubious feelings by mixing the sweet and sad, the cute and strange in jewelry like sparkly forms.

Expressing my sensitive self through creating these creatures helps me feel a sense of connection to the world as who I am. "